The Clark Family

The Clark Family

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Disney World

Just let me say it was Magical....


I sit here tonight thinking of how thankful I am that my little family is complete, that next to me lies a sleeping baby that God has allowed us to have and what joy his little smile brings and how easy your burdens seem to roll away when you hear his laughter, I am forever grateful that God has given him to us and what a gift he truly is. I am also thankful that our little girl will eat her first Thanksgiving dinner in a few days, that she has a home and food and clothes. She has flashbacks from time to time but most often you can just find her playing with her BFF which is her brother Caden. She is still so grateful for the smallest things that I take for granted. She was excited the other day when getting dressed that she had lots of clothes to choose from and began to tell me that when she lived in " the park" she only had one clothes. Resiana is such a happy child, full of love and laughter. I cannot really imagine her life before she came to us, its really more than my mind can comprehend but I am amazed that this little girl who once spoke broken English and peeked inside every trash can we passed is now just a normal little girl who loves to play and loves school and loves life. She is doing amazing in school, she is constantly going around sounding out every single letter she sees on anything from the hairspray to the milk jug, she has caught on so well. There was a time when she did not know the simplest of things, such as a refrigerator, window, blow dryer etc. now she is no different than her brother just a normal five year old. This time last year I was the mother of two boys with no thought of what God had in store for us, I was totally satisfied with just the boys and thought we were complete but never dreamed how sitting and watching footage of the terrible earthquake in Haiti would change mine and Michael's life forever, that through that tragedy we would feel the tug upon our heartstrings that God had more children out there waiting on us, even Carter felt it and through his tears asked if we could adopt again, we would of loved to have adopted some of those children but after doing some research found out the government had put a hold on all adoptions from that country but still we felt the "call" and in less than two months later a precious little girl walked into our lives and forever changed us, now we are whole....... Michael, Crystal, Carter, Caden, Resiana, and Crimsyn!!!!!!!