The Clark Family

The Clark Family

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I am thankful, thankful for many things....I need to remind myself of the many wonderful and amazing blessings the Lord has given my family this year. I do not want to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of Christmas and forget why we celebrate it in the first place. I will be the first one to say I stress way to much over what to buy people but this year I am trying not to do that, yes I want to get that perfect gift but the truth is most of us already have the perfect gift, so today I am reminding myself to rejoice in all the things God has given us and enjoy this wonderful time of year.Can I do that?

This Christmas I feel somewhat different than what I have in years past, I am feeling a little guilty that my children will have an abundant Christmas and many others will not. That has always bothered me but this year it does even the more so, I guess knowing that this time last year our little girl was living on the streets with nothing, never ever had any type of toy just kind of puts things in perspective a little bit. My prayer is with those less fortunate than ourselves.

I am thankful my boys have gotten to see that life is not always easy for everyone and that we are all so blessed to have the things we have and to have each other.

Caden and Resiana's homework one night this week was to write a letter to Santa, so considering they cannot spell yet I thought the most simple way would be for them to tell me what they wanted to say and I would write it down and then they could copy it. So we began and I was willing for them to say anything no matter how out there it may of been. I started by asking Resiana first what she wanted to say to Santa and she replied "I dont know" so I asked Caden and boy did I ever get a surprise. In his exact words with no hesitation -

"Dear Santa, will you please bring all the dear children that are pitiful a new home, bed, clothes, and toys, and please come sooner than we thought and I love you more than toys." he continued also by saying please do not let the children be eat by cockroaches anymore,but I left that out of the letter. I was amazed, I sit there just looking at him not sure what to say and then all of the sudden his eyes got big and he said "Mama all them kids are gonna be so happy when they get their new house and bed" at that point I was fighting back the tears, he thinks he has saved the world by asking Santa, I did not have the heart to tell him any different. Oh the in nonce of childhood.

Merry Christmas to everyone and once again Thank You so much to all of you that said a prayer for our family this year