The Clark Family

The Clark Family

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pray for Crimsyn

Today I sit in my living room looking at the cradle that was suppose to be holding our precious son, and trying to fiqure out what to do with myself...For the last five months we have anticipated the birth of our son and as all parents do, had many dreams for his future. After leaving the hospital yesterday Michael and I went and told our kids and that was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. The children hugged each other as they sobbed and talked of how they did'nt want baby Crimsyn to live in the park, they are so broken hearted...We are just trying to go on and pick up the pieces and know that within those pieces God has a beautiful puzzle that all the pieces fit inside of and when it is all finished it will be his will and his way. As we made our journey home last night I was trying to make sense of all of this and trying to see some good and all I could think of was our precious little Crimsyn being homeless, and living in such poverty and knowing he is out there, that he is a living, breathing human being that I have touched his soft skin that I have felt the warmth of his little body and to know that I cannot take care of him and give him the things he needs in life is just more than I can wrap my head around, but with all of that being said I have to tell myself God is in control and he knows where Crimsyn is and he knows what the future holds. Even though this is a time of grieve for our entire family it is not prayer for us that I am asking it is for our little innocent child Crimsyn that God will send an Angel to care for him. Thank you all for your love and prayers!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Empty Handed!!

Hello everyone,

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that when Crystal went to the hospital today, that the social worker met with her and told her that the birthparents had changed their mind on the adoption. She talked with the social worker and asked her if there was anything that could be done since they had already signed the papers and they told us no. So at this time we are sadly packing and heading back to Alabama tonight without Crimsyn, and should arrive in Huntsville tuesday afternoon. Please keep us in your prayers. We truly thank you for all your prayers in this "Our Adoption Journey" THE END


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Welcome Crimsyn Anderson Clark

Welcome Baby Crimsyn Anderson Clark 6lbs.13oz. 20"long

Thank You Lord baby Crimsyn is healthy after a long hard birth !!!!!

26 hours of labor and lots of tears he is here.....

Friday, August 27, 2010

BABY NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok guys here is what we got. They are putting here in tonight at 7pm hawaii time. Crystal is quickly gathering the baby's stuff, and we are off tothe hospital. We will post when we know more and can get internt access. Slick

Emotional Day

Today we went to the park where Resiana and her birthmother lived (not much of a park and not anything like I had pictured) it was very emotional to see where my daughter spent nearly 5 years of her life and to think of the things she has had to endure is nearly overwhelming to me. As we drove by and seen other children sitting out on the grass where Resiana spent everyday it was so sad, I just wanted to pull the van over and take out every bit of money I had and start handing it out, I know we cannot save the world but sometimes I wonder how much we could do that we do not do, what kind of difference could we make...Lord knows I want to make a difference, I want to help those poor pitiful people. No bed to lay their heads in, no shelter from the rain, its nearly to much for my mind to comprehend, I will never be the same, my life is forever changed to witness true poverty and to witness the selfless love of a mother..This woman, my childrens birthmother has a love like no other, she loves these children but has made the ultimate sacrifice, to love so much that she gives them what she cannot provide... Tonight Michael and I went and picked her and the birth father up to go with us and our family to a Luau, it was nice to spend time with them and for everyone to see her but of course its always emotional for me when I am with her, Resiana did great again and seems to have a great understanding of the situation. I watched The birthmom as she held Resiana and the look of love in her eyes as she stroked her hair and her face and realized in that moment what a true sacrifice she has made....She spoked to me of the comfort of knowing her children would never be homeless again. I am truly thankful and will never forget this precious lady!!!!

Maybe the baby will be born tomorrow, we go to the doctor at 1pm which is 6pm AL time...

The pictures are the actual "park" Resiana lived at and the sidewalk where she slept every night

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Day at the Beach (still no baby)

Today has been a good day (if you just came to vacation in Hawaii) we played on the beach all day with the kids and enjoyed that alot...Talked with the birthmom and still no labor pains so we are just hoping and praying soon. Please Pray all will go well and quickly if it could be his will. Will post as soon as we know something..Thanks everyone!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Prayer Needed !!!!!

Well our dear followers we need prayer...Miscommunication again (this language barrier is really getting us) The birthmother told us before we came that if she did not have the baby by Aug.25th that they were going to take it, so in knowing that we planned the trip. Today being the 24th I thought we might should go to the clinic ourselves to find out forsure what time tomorrow and what ever else we might need to know.I went into the clinic and talked with the OB nurse who informed me that they had no intentions of inducing her before 41 weeks ( which is next wed.) they said they never induce before 41weeks unless something is bad wrong that babies come when they are ready, I proceeded to ask what about her having diabetes and etc..and they said they do not take babies early so PLEASE pray she goes into labor on her own because we really do not want to have to stay another week and half (at minimum) and the whole family that came for the birth would have to return home without getting to be here when the baby is born, and my kids need to return to school, so if it could be Gods will we really need this baby to be born..Thank you all and maybe by the time you all read this in the morning(your probably all in bed now its 11:27 AL time) she will have went into labor on her own but for anybody who might read tonight PLEASE pray..We will keep you posted.

Meeting of Families

We just got back to our condo after spending the day with Our daughter and soon to be sons birthmother and father...Once more it was a very humbling experience and story someday we will share with our children. Michael, myself and Resiana went to meet them while our boys stayed back here at the condo to play on the beach with the rest of our family. When we got there they had homemade gifts for us, necklaces, braclets and decorations made out of cocunut leaves. We all went out sight seeing and they took us to the top of a beautiful mountain, we shared stories of our lives and cultures..People we are blessed!!! The birthfather teared up when he shook Michaels hand, that was very moving to me. We went to eat and started to throw our scraps away and they asked us not to..Lessons in life that make me feel so spoiled and unthankful. Thank You Lord for your Blessings on us!!!!

Resiana did so well when seeing her birthmother, as you can imagine we were very concerned about this..When we walked in the room she just went and sat in her lap and layed her head on her chest and sat quietly for about 20 minutes while we all talked, she acted very shy and like she was'nt sure how to act but within a little while she was happy and wanting to be right with Michael riding on his shoulders while we looked at the beautiful scenery, after awhile she wanted us to take them back home so she could come back and be with her brothers and swim (which we are fixing to do)...All went perfectly....

We Have Arrived!!!

We finally got to our destanation at around 11pm Al time and we are so thankful we made it safely, a few bumps in the road but all in all we had a good trip, a lengthy one to say the least but all safe and sound so Thank the Lord for that....We were worried about the flight and how everyone would do but everyone did great, the kids were great, so patient, never complained just sat quietly in their seat and played their games and colored, and slept some as well. Thank the Lord were here, hoping to got to see the birthmom tomorrow and talk with the doctor..Love to you all and thanks for your prayers!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Flight Delay

Well they are having mechanical problems with our plane so our flight has been delayed for who knows how long, we are about an hour and a half over right now and they still do not know how much longer but Lord knows we want them to get it fixed...Everyone is tired , we have a few sleepy heads but as for me I am so nervous, excited, and a thousands other emotions I do not even know the word for. All we want is a safe trip so the wait will be worth it...

IN Dallas Now

Well we have safely landed in Dallas TX, so Thank God for one safe flight, no panic attacks, no asthma attacks, just a peaceful flight...Our seats were all messed up and we had to run to the gate, Michael and I and our kids and Brandy got behind the rest of our crew and while going through security Dusty runs to where we are and says their closing the gate in three minutes, So we run and with no time remaining we board the plane safely...Once on board the kids and I were separated so another delay from the Clark family as the nice and kind flight attendants kindly asked people to change seats so we could be with our children..So as we began to take flight my heart began to race and I began to sweat and shake a little, looked around and there is no adults I know that are close to me so I tell myself Crystal it is ok, get ahold of yourself, I look around and Caden and Resiana are laughing and excited so I began to calm down.. I was seated right next to the emergency exit(not the best place for me to sit) but just so happened the flight attendants station was right next to me, needless to say I talked to her the entire time except for when she was serving drinks..So now the nice lady from Oklahoma knows all about our "Adoption Journey" Thank the Lord for a great flight but please pray for us on this next flight for it will be very long 10 hours long... Maybe I can post again while on our long flight before we get over the ocean.. Our precious baby is still nice and safe and warm and waiting on his Mommy and Daddy to come get him!!!! Love you all..

In the air

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Prayer Requested!!!

Well as you know we are to be heading out early monday morning , (Lord willing). We are excitied, nervous,etc... Please pray that we will have a safe trip and that our baby will be healthy. I am sure if I were having this baby I would be a nervous wreck to, but my mind is racing and thinking of a thousands of things that could go wrong , but I know that the Lord is in control and when I can get my head on straight I find great comfort in knowing he will take care of us. We are preparing but not prepared yet, hopefully we will get it all together soon. Thanks to some sweet sisters at church that let me borrow all their childrens clothes,shoes,etc.. I have plenty to do him for awhile. That has taken a burden off of me, because we had Nothing but as usual the Lord has provided. I would think by now I would have completely learned to surrender to the Lord and trust in his almighty power but I find myself trying to fiqure things out on my own and what a mess I make. Trusting the Lord is a learning process for me but what a comfort to know we have him to depend on. Please Please Pray for us because so many things could go wrong and as we all know prayer changes things!!! Thanks, Crystal

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And here we go

Alrighty followers, its time to start again, we are getting on a plane Monday morning heading back to Hawaii to get our 4th child. Our kids are fired up to go play on the beach and try to catch sand crabs. Carter is very excited to go back to Hawaii and Resiana is excited to go and play on the beach and see the baby birds that she used to play with. I am very very nervous about the flight over there, Carter and Caden both have asthma, and Crystal is scared of being in closed spaces "whatever that word is". We will have my mom and dad, Erica, Todd, Kristen, Dusty, Julie, Lanita, Lester, Brandy, Ethan, tyler, and Logan with us, so hopefully everything will go ok. I want all of our followers to pray for us and we will do like we done last time and post very often with pics and the whole nine yards. SLICK

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Day of School

Well today started a new journey for our family...The journey that last thirteen years, my babies are gone to school and I am going to have to learn a new normal and that is not an easy thing for me. On our way back home this morning I was crying and told Michael I was so worried because Caden and Resiana did not even know how to open their food I sent them for luch and how to put straws in their capri suns (I bought them cups they could work instead) and Michael started laughing and he said " Yes honey they do, they do it all the time when I am with them" and I am like "WHAT" and he said yes they will be fine. So I guess I should find comfort in the fact they probably can do alot more than I think they can. I will survive, I hope...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Beginings

Ok I am falling apart my babies are starting school in a matter of a few days....Where oh where has the time gone, our precious little mischevious Caden is starting school, this cant be...We have also registered Resiana and they will be in the same class, we were hesitant at first to let her start but her and Caden are so close and she begged to go with him so we came to the decision it may be best for her..So here we are just a few days away from the first day of school and I am a basket case, I told Michael I could'nt hardly stand for them to go and that they needed me and they needed me to be with them to help them and he said no Crystal you need them, Well whatever the fact remains the same its soo sad..You spend your every waking moment for 5 years seeing to the needs and wants of your children then poof one day there gone that is kinda cruel I think. To think their teacher is with them more during the day than their mother that is sad, I know its probably normal and healthy but I am not ready..Motherhood has been Gods greatest gift to me other than My Salvation(and Michael). My life for the past nearly ten years has been my boys and now Resiana and thats all I know, I dont have a career or a hobby my children are my career and hobby... Every year when this time of year rolls around I get sad because I know Carter is going back to school and I know how much I am gonna miss him but now three of my kids are going, wow this is nearly to much..But on a much brighter they are happy and healthy and very excited so that is good...

The cycle will start again with child number four real soon(still dont know exactly when) and I will give of myself and spend each day playing, loving, holding, nurturing my precious child for him to grow up and have his own life and loves and continue this cycle of depressing but all we can do is enjoy each day while their little because before we know it they will be grown..These our the best days of our lives and I thank God for each one!!!!!

Maybe we will have baby news soon.......................................

Monday, August 2, 2010


Well here we are still in Alabama, we thought for sure we would be in Hawaii by now but still no exact date from the doctor, it seems as though we have had some miscommunication with the birthmother and considering she speaks a different language I guess that is understandable...For the last month we have thought it could be any day or at least we have been under the impression the first of next week for like the last three weeks...I have spoken several times with the birthmother and that is the information she has been giving me but needless to say she was'nt quite sure herself what was going on but as it is she and the baby are doing good and after speaking with our attorney it does seem as though we were all under the wrong assumption and they may not be taking the baby early after all, so its just a wait and see type thing and boy does that ever drive ya crazy...We have been so up in the air with all of this because we have thought we were leaving anyday for like a month, oh well our prayers have just been for a healty baby and safe trip and that is still all we want and sometimes patience must be added so that is where we are trying to learn how to add patience....

Life is wonderful, our children our doing great and anxiously awaiting the birth of their new baby brother and starting to school( tears for me) life is starting a new chapter for us but what some adventures were gonna have..