The Clark Family

The Clark Family

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Still Waiting.....

Ok we are still waiting and we have been on pins and needles for at least two weeks now...but still no exact date but at least we have had contact with the birthmother and it seems they are trying to hold her off until the first week of August, they thought they would have to take the baby sooner than that but at this point he is doing ok and the longer they hold her off the better for his sake and of course all we want is a healthy baby,knowing this is best for him because he is not due until the end of August. We were told a few weeks ago that it could be any day and that is what has had us a nervous wreck..There is not much we can do but wait but in the middle of playing the waiting game Michael and the rest of us our starting our third revival in a row and as you can imagine there is not much time to plan for baby in between...I thought I would have about three good weeks after the revivals were over to get everything ready for the baby but thats what I get for thinking, our kids have been really good sports though and Resiana still gets excitied when we start getting ready for church because she loves it so much, she just sings and prays her little heart out..Caden on the other hand is not as excited and just longs to stay home and play with his toys(he is a homebody) but he has actually done pretty good..Carter being older has really enjoyed making new friends and hanging out with the young kids( he thinks he is a teenager) he was counting up the other day that he had like 10-12 new friends from these revivals. In the mist of all this we are REALLY excited about the birth of our son and how much joy he is going to bring to our home and how our other children are going to interact with him..We must keep telling ourselves everything is going to be ok and we will have him safe and sound in a few days..It is hard though I just wish I was there to see for myself everything is ok, but we cant be so we can only hope and pray...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Still Waiting

Still no news on the exact date and we are going crazy...I am a planner and a control freak and this is driving me crazy, I know what is probably going to happen, they are going to call us in a few days and just say oh the doctor is wanting to put her in first thing in the morning and we are going to be scrambling for a flight. I know this is aggravating to the few that our going with us but oh well its not like I would be in control if I were having this baby anyway, they just would not have to travel as far to get to be apart of it, so I guess going to Hawaii on a moments notice is a little more difficult...The plane tickets are going up as each hour passes and from this morning to this evening they went up 100 dollars and with all our kids that is adding up fast..anyways really do not want to complain just a nervous wreck about it all..Oh and for the name I think we have narrowed it down to Anderson or Maddox...Maybe Maybe tomorrow we will hear something..Prayers appreciated for the health of this child and a safe trip.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Baby News

OK we are all going crazy around here....We got a e-mail from our attorney and she said the baby is coming early as in about two weeks..Yes I know way earlier than we expected, we are waiting on medical records to confirm everything and find out when exactly they are gonna take him. He is already big dont know how big but they said he is big, so I am wondering how off the due date was or exactly what is going on, but according to our attorney she spoke with the baby's birthmother and she said he is gonna be born in about two weeks..I am impaitently waiting for the report from the doctor. We have not even started the nursery, we do not have a name picked out, we have no clothes, bottles, pacifiers etc... I know it will all come together but I am in full panic mode. Oh yea and our revival at church starts Sunday and as everyone knows that is twelve services of church and cooking cleaning and more cooking and cleaning and also Michael has a revival starting the Sunday after ours and then another one after that. Help Me Lord!! but really most of all just prayers for a healthy baby is the most important, the rest will just be what it is.. We will keep you posted, maybe we will get some more news tomorrow.

If anyone would like to give some imput in on their pick of names have at

We are so undecided..Here is a list of some of our favorites

Anderson (a family name)