The Clark Family

The Clark Family

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The joy a baby brings

Well I am grateful, so grateful for all my children and they all bring something special to the table, at all stages they have each went through I have enjoyed it but there is just something about a baby, the happiness they bring and the way their little smile can light up a room and just the fact that they can sway back and forth or play with their toes and everyone in the family wants to sit and watch. Crimsyn is growing up so fast, he is 6 and a half months old now and he is our pride and joy, not just to Michael and myself but all of the other children to, everything he does is the greatest thing in the world. Time is swiftly passing and everyday I realize a little more how precious my time is with my children. The baby has brought so much joy as well as the other kids but like I said there is just a special joy a baby brings to a house.

On another note the kids got their report cards today and they all done very well but I must say how amazing it is to see how far Resiana has come, considering this time last year she spoke broken english and did not know some of the most basic things and now she is learning to read and acts as though she has been here her whole life.

Our family was given another gift from God this week, my brother and his wife had a baby boy on March 15th and what doll he is and we are so thankful he is healthy and everything went well, such a miracle, the gift of life, Thank you Lord for every child that has touched my life, I am blessed. Benjamin Jack Wooten 8lbs.6oz. 22inches, Crimsyn loved him and just wanted to keep kissing him over and over, so sweet....We are Blessed

Friday, March 4, 2011

Circus Celebration for Well Children!!!!!

Today I was thinking how thankful I was that for three days all my children have been well, no fevers nobody having to miss school etc., so I thought what could we do to celebrate, the kids have been through the ringer the past few months so I thought they deserved a reward, so I decided to take all four of them to the circus(by myself) to celebrate. First I will say we had a wonderful time(mostly) and we all made it home safely, but lots of chaos in the mix, remember I have a 10 yr.old, a 6yr.old, a five yr.old and a 6 month old, so off we went to the circus and it was a circus just making to the gate it took about thirty minutes to park, went to one parking area and they said it was full and I needed to go to the other one, so I go to the other one and they tell me they are full and I need to go back, so finally after finding a park we must then walk at least half a mile in the rain to get in the arena , I was scared Caden was going to dart off so I held tightly his hand with the baby on my hip and Carter and Resiana right beside, whew, we make it in and we need someone to escort us to our seats because by this point the show has been going on for about 15min and I have no clue where to go, so they escort us up to the highest point of the arena and I thought the steep stairs would never end, but finally we arrive at our seats and guess what, they are taken, so the staff personal ask the people to move because they are in the wrong seats and then proceed to tell me these are my seats but we are short a seat, so he then ask the woman in the next seat to see her tickets and he says they sold us the same ticket, so by this point I am like we will make the best of it and just sit here, a seat short , well In about 5min another family comes and tells me that me and my children are in their seat, so up we go and down about 500 flight of stairs, not knowing where in the world to go, so we go to another staff personal and they direct us to totally new seats up another 500 flight of stairs and by this point I am about to fall over from all the climbing and once again the seats are occupied and they ask the people to move but this time it is the correct seats but I am completely embarrassed and I know people are wishing me and all my kids would just sit down and watch the show, we finally got settled and the kids Loved it, and I loved watching them, Crimsyn was a bit to young, I thought he would enjoy just looking at all the bright colors but I was wrong he just wanted to grab our drinks and grab the people in front of us hair and buck because he could not have any popcorn but that was ok, he was funny and I had a night out with all my precious not sick babies and it was worth every minute but next time we might opt for Chucky Cheese or somewhere that does not have 5,000 flight of stairs, we will save the big arena events when Daddy or Grandparents come along.....Oh yea I forgot to tell the part at the end when we started to leave that at the top of those 10,000 flight of stairs I fell with the baby, yes fell, barely catching Crimsyn and could not get up and one wrong move and we both were going tumbling down them stairs but thanks to some nice strangers we were able to get up and safely made it to the exit even stopped and took a few pictures on our way out....Oh the joys of motherhood!!!!! I love every minute!!!!!!!!! almost...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Think I See The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Oh where would I even begin, well I will begin by saying I am very thankful, Thankful for many things, the fact that I have children to take care of is a blessing a most wonderful blessing and during these trying days I have leaned on that, just the fact that Michael and I were and are so blessed to be parents....and so the drama unfolds, Sickness, Sickness and more Sickness but I think maybe quite possibly we are nearing the end, maybe, but let me say that our most precious heavenly father has been there each step of the way and through him we have made it thus far. I will give you a brief rundown of the past two months in the Clark household.....We have had two hospital visits, Crimsyn hospitalized due to the flu and respritory problems, Carter surgery for a mass in his abdomen..Trips to Birmingham for a suspected blood disorder for Resiana ( but Praise to The good Lord her test thus far has come back good, one more to go) Caden has had some pretty concerning issues with his asthma and they thought he had penoumina but thankfully it wasnt and they did not have to put him in the hospital. Crimsyn came home from the hospital about two weeks ago and then took another back set, running high fever and not eating well for the last five days but GOOD news all day today no fever, eating good, Carter is doing great after his surgery, Caden is breathing better and Resiana is doing wonderful, could this be the end of our sickness for awhile, I sure hope so but if not we will continue to do as we have, take care of the children to the best of our ability and stayed home bound as long as necessary.....But to all be well again at the same time would be a Wonderful blessing and maybe something I will not take as for granted as I have in the past.