The Clark Family

The Clark Family

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween... We have had an eventful day filled with lots of fun for the kids. The kids had their Halloween party at school and then tonight we had our church Halloween party, the kids had a blast, Resiana was so excited even though she had no idea what all of this was about, all she kept saying all day was is this Halloween day, I guess my best explanation for Halloween is just that you get to dress up and get candy since It really has no meaning otherwise, anyways it was truly a fun day and night for the kids. Caden loves dressing up and would of wore any costume, Carter on the other hand has give me a fit about dressing up since he was three years old, he thinks its dumb but I made him as usual but I did let him take it off after a few pictures, anyways life is wonderful even though it is a circus around here sometimes, and getting everything together for four kids sometimes gets a little crazy, for instance tonight before going to the party we were all getting things together to take to the party, the food, costumes, candy etc, and in the chaos Crimsyn's bottle got warmed and put away to take with us, after getting to the party and unloading everything Crimsyn is ready for his bottle, but the bottle is nowhere to be found, we searched high and low but no bottle, so Michael had to go home and get him another bottle but no one knows where in the world the bottle went, at the end of the night when we were passing out the candy to the kids, in the bottom of the basket , under all the candy was the bottle...Who knows??? We are one happy family, a little crazy sometime but nevertheless Happy!!! Happy Halloween Everyone!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010


The last few days I have been thinking about the way our lives have been blessed and how much God has given us this year, the two children he has added to our home and the love and joy they have brought, healing Crimsyn after bringing him home just in time. Wow we have had an amazing year, with many ups and downs, laughter and tears. God has taught us so much through our children all of them, but in most recent times through Crimsyn and Resiana. I never really understood the exact meaning of trusting the Lord and I know it can be said for many things "we need to trust the Lord" but through this experience I think I found out a little of what trusting the Lord was about. I remember a few days before we got the call to come back and get our baby, I was so distraught and felt part of myself was questioning everything why why why???
I did not want to be that way but I was struggling knowing what precious little Crimsyns life would be like. One day I was praying and I told the Lord he was worthy of the praise no matter what and that I would do my best to be the best even though I did not understand and I think I realized it was not for me to understand at the time, no my hurt did not go away not even in the least but he spoke peace to my soul, in a way only he could, the comforting hand of our dear Saviour...Today I am so thankful he has lifted that burden and brought so much joy to us with the GIFT of baby Crimsyn, for I know he belongs to God and we have been allowed to love and cherish him. The love I have for my childrens birth family is so great, to be given the chance to love and be loved by my children is my dream come true and the joy our children brings is the most fullfilling experience I have ever had, being a Mother is simply amazing, and I thank God daily, I have alot to learn and I need wisdom but the challenges that come along with motherhood cannot even be compared to the joys of motherhood.

As you all know Crimsyn fell very ill shortly after he came to be with us , as we were in the hospital with him it hit us of how God brought him home to us just in time, in time for him to get medical help and to have such precious people praying for him, while we were in the hospital the Lord sent him so much help, help that could of only came from him, in ways that no amount of medicine could of done..He truly is a miracle...

Our children our the happiest little kids in the world, Caden came in the living room one day while I was holding Crimsyn and said "Mama we dont have to cry anymore" they love him so much all of them but his big brother Carter is soo crazy about him and loves tending to him, he will sit forever and hold him if we let him, the little ones love him to but would rather be playing with each other, they are still best buds ( I could count on my one hand in the past six months how many times they have argued) they love each other so much and want to be together all the time, its precious.

Resiana is doing so good in school, her teacher said she is a social butterfly and everyone wants to be her friend. She still is the most grateful child you have ever seen, she will recount things that happened in the "park" from time to time and it is simply gut wrenching, I dont think she realizes how disturbing it really is, that was just her life for nearly five years. She is so normal though as if she has always been here and been our child, she is just our little girl..We are thankful beyond measure!!!