The Clark Family

The Clark Family

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mom What am I

Well I guess our topic of discussion around the dinner table tonight was somewhat different than most "normal families". Carter started the conversation off by talking about race and what it all means and exactly what we all are, he could not remember his exact ethnic background , so I began to explain for the hundredth time in his life~ Carter your Marshallesse and one fourth Filipino and Crimsyn is Marshallesse and one fourth Japanese and Resiana is full Marshallesse and that is why Carter and Crimsyn favor so much, the Asian they both have in them, which causes a slight slant in their eyes, and Caden was trying so hard to get in the conversation he started trying to make his eyes slanted and kept saying (very loudly) mom I think my eyes are slanted to, so what am I, Carter and I busted out laughing which in turn made the baby laugh then made Resiana laugh and before you know it we were all laughing so hard we were nearly in tears. They still are not quite sure what all of it means but I am not sure it matters that much, do not get me wrong I want them to know where they came from and "who" they are but most of all just to know they are my babies sent from God and I would not care if they were purple and came form Timbuktu, they are my precious children, the desire of my heart..... The other night we were all in the van and Michael and I were just talking and I over heard Resiana and Caden talking in the back about adoption, so Michael and I paused to listen to what they were having to say, it was so funny to listen to them talk about it, Caden preceded to tell Resiana,"Hey did you know our Mom and Dad got us from all different mamas belly's" and Resiana said yea I already knew that , and Caden was like oh ok that's cool isn't it, and then on to talking about what happened at school that day, just so normal, I am so thankful that God has helped my children to understand how loved and how special they are..Resiana is so precious, seeing she is the only one that actually remembers her birth mother I was concerned in the beginning that understanding all of this would be so hard for her but no, just a normal little girl who sometime makes reference to her other mama and that is just fine to me, for she will forever be a special woman to me because she is my daughters other mama..

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  1. Oh my- the new pictures of Crymson. He is such a cutie pie!