The Clark Family

The Clark Family

Friday, May 13, 2011

He Can Speak To Our Souls

Wow a lot of things have happened since the last time I posted but nothing has changed in the fact that we have so much to be Thankful for, the past few weeks have been filled with many sorrows but in the mist of the storms spoke peace to our souls, shortly before the tragic tornadoes hit we lost a dear friend and member of our church family to what seemed to us an untimely death, she died suddenly at the age of 37 leaving behind three children, to us this was so hard to understand but we must know that God makes no mistakes and his will is perfect and he can and will take care of us, then the devastation of the tornadoes hit and took the lives of so many people and destroyed so many homes, but ultimately we have to trust and know that our dear saviour holds it all in his hands and he controls the way the winds blow, no matter how fierce the winds are he has it all in his hands and in the mist of the storms he can speak peace and that is exactly what I believe he did, the people that lost their lives I believe he cradled them in his arms and spoke peace to their souls just as the song says Sometimes he calms the storm but sometimes he calms me and that is what is amazing even though the winds may blow and the rain may fall he can send that amazing comfort that only comes from on High...Today I am thankful for that..

A few photos of our Easter weekend!!!!!

My little family or not so little family is doing well, it seems the children's sickness is behind us for awhile so I praise the Lord for that, I thank him that we got to celebrate his resurrection and enjoy our family and our church family for Easter and we also had a wonderful Mothers Day, just the fact that I am a mother made it a wonderful day but I got to enjoy time with my children just me and them going to the mall and build a bear workshop and having a wonderful day and then on Sunday spending time with my mother and all my family it was just wonderful and I am very thankful, it amazes me what God has given me, I am unworthy but so grateful...

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  1. What beautiful pictures - what perfect joy in those childrens' faces - I can imagine if there was a picture of you the picture of joy would be even greater. Through the hardships and tribulations that seem to have fallen all around us lately, I just keep hearing the song in my head - one that I know speaks to your heart also - "He may take you through the wilderness, so barren and alone, and there may be some trials on this road you're traveling on. . ." But most importantly "Be not weary on Your journey, for the precious hand of God will lead you home." It always makes me think of Crimsyn (among other accounts of deliverance!)- and it always reminds me that the precious hand of God will lead us home - He has proven He can be trusted, even in our wilderness and our trials. Thanking Him for your family, for The Promise, for The Journey - I love Him. :-)