The Clark Family

The Clark Family

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Where Has The Time Gone???

Well I cant believe it is nearly August, and all to soon our precious little children will be going back to school...After five years of having a child in school it hasn't gotten any easier, I hate when its time for them to be gone away from me eight hours a day, that is so sad to think they spend most of their awake time with their teacher instead of their Momma, but I reckon that's the way its suppose to be, they don't really get much of an education curled up by Mom on the couch watching cartoons or playing hide and seek, so in just a few more weeks the routine will start again and even though it is amazing to watch them grow and learn it is also so very hard at the same time, to think that each day draws a little closer to them gaining their independence and that one day you wake up and that is it, no more school lunches to fix no more bedtime prayers, no more chaos in the house, the chaos that you have learned to love so much, the chaos that is your life.To know that at this very moment they are all safe and sound sleeping like little angels is a wonderful feeling, so for now I would like to relish in the moment, the moments when every time I turn around there is another mess to clean up or someone is prowling in the pantry for a snack for the hundredth time, or Crimsyn has pulled down all the picture frames off the table or is trying to climb the metal spiral staircase for the tenth time ( what was I thinking when we put metal stairs in our house) or Caden is pestering Carter to the point of a meltdown or has overflowed the toilet again etc....The list could go on and on and on but I will stop with that, but you know the funny thing is there are times when I actually love those moments don't get me wrong I love it when my kids are playing in perfect harmony an walking the chalk line but those moments are the ones that make parenthood adventurous you know its really never boring at all, and once school starts back and we are on a good schedule again, Michael and I will have our couple of hours at night to catch up on life and maybe watch a little TV together but if not were going have a lot to talk about when were rocking on the front porch talking about the Good Ole days, because I feel sure we are living our Good Ole days and I thank God for each one......

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