The Clark Family

The Clark Family

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I know its been awhile since I have updated this blog but as you can imagine we are very busy around here, you know the normal stuff, laundry, homework, supper, dishes, more laundry, keeping Crimsyn from totally destroying everything etc... I am pleased to report however that everyone is doing well, and we are thankful for that!!!

What compelled me to take the time to write on this blog was of course reflecting on the past 18months, a time that forever changed me. I am so humbled that God choose this path for Michael and myself and not that our path is better than any one else but nevertheless it is just that OUR path and I Thank God daily. I am so very thankful for all my children and love them all like crazy but tonight and a lot of times I think of our precious daughter, the one who has taught me about what life is all about, this child is angel, I know everyone loves their kids and thinks their little angels but I'm telling you she is truly an angel, I have never witness a child more humble and thankful than her, she has been through so much in her little life and I am so thankful tonight that when she went to BED she was clean and had a full tummy. The shape she was in when we first met her is indescribably, and that was the best her birth mother could do, she no doubt sacrificed what little she had for her child, I witnessed a love between the two of them that was very real, a love so great she wanted her to have more than she could provide, a love that sometimes disturbs me, I am here enjoying everyday with this beautiful little girl and a precious unfortunate woman is missing out on seeing our daughter grow up but I have to remind myself that it was her prayers God answered and brought us all together...Resiana will never by the grace of God go hungry, be dirty, be bitten by bugs to the point she is scared, hair falling out due to malnutrition ever again and I am thankful that he let us be her parents..

She is amazing and I am so touched every time she reads me a story or writes me a note, to think around 18 months ago she barely spoke English and she didn't know what the simplest of things were such as a refrigerator and a window, she does not complain, a reminder sometimes comes along and I realize she has not been with us her whole life and it gets me thinking about how hard her little life must have been but most of the time we are a happy little (big) family living life..

Reminder this morning: Getting the kids ready for school and was running behind so I asked Carter to heat up the french toast sticks ( which were frozen) and after fixing Resiana's hair told her to go to the kitchen and Carter had her food ready, when I went in the kitchen Carter was talking loud to Resiana and I asked what the problem was and he said mom I was in the bathroom and I had the toast sticks on a plate but hadn't warmed them up yet and Resiana ate them (frozen) and never complained, she apologized and I felt horrible..My Angel


  1. So Precious!!! Thank you for sharing your story. I don't always know what to say but I want you to know that I understand both perspectives, yours and your children, and all I can do is SMILE with joy! I hope they can convey to you one day how important and wonderful you are for what you have done for them!!!!

  2. Ok- I can honestly say this is the first time I had tears over
    french toast sticks! She is precious and y'all are precious.
    I love hearing stories and watching the Lord's will being fulfilled
    through each and every member of your sweet family :)

    I am hoping door a well fall/winter for us all....because last year
    was rough ;)

    Take care &I hope to see you soon!